Welcome to the Heritage Food Truck Catering Company

The Heritage Food Truck Catering Company is a catering company located in Malden, MA. We emphasize five distinctive characteristics:

  • These are:
    • Our meals are farm-to-table, i.e., our menus are seasonal and the main ingredients in our dishes are all locally sourced.
    • Our recipes come from original ethnic cuisines that represent the diversity of the city of Malden where we are based and are curated by our talented chef, Lorena Lorenzet.
    • We practice a nutritional philosophy called “eat the rainbow” which integrates the latest medical findings on preventing inflammation in the human body. It is supervised by a world-class expert: Dr. Gary Epler.
    • We operate a high-end food truck that can deliver our food in any non-traditional setting, but we are also happy to cook in your kitchen or deliver food directly from our Stock Pot Malden shared kitchen (also the home of our sister company).
    • We are relentless advocates for local farmers, local food entrepreneurs, and local health providers who recognize the crucial role of food in health. The Heritage Food Truck is a floating test kitchen and “learning vehicle”, constantly seeking to connect the dots between local agriculture, local food and local health.

We support our community!

Heritage Food truck and its sister company Stockpot Malden support the local community in partnership with Local Lunchbox from the Shah Foundation and the YMCA.

Our history

The Heritage Truck Catering Company in Malden, MA has been in existence since 2014. It was originally conceived as both a street-vending and a catering food truck. It rapidly achieved success on the catering front, being particularly sought after for millennial weddings, farm events and sophisticated corporate gatherings. It was less successful as a street-vending truck where its farm-to-table food and seasonal versatility was often crowded by more easily recognizable, single dish-focused trucks.

In 2019, we decided to re-conceive the role of the Heritage Food Truck Catering Company, giving it both a more focused and a more ambitious mission.  

Heritage Food Truck has now re-launched with a single focus on catering for individual and corporate events (including weekly catered corporate meals). Catered events have the triple advantage of allowing us to reach concentrated health- and sustainability-conscious populations, to scale food production to a level where our locally sourced ingredients can compete in price with “imported big food” ingredients, and to authorize frequent change of menus as a function of produce seasonality.

We also want the Heritage Food Truck to be both a role-model and a platform enabling third-party food businesses to develop their own partnerships with local farmers and local health providers. We rent our truck and staff to chefs and companies committed to this purpose, frequently participate in local events that promote the local ag-food-health agenda (e.g., at farmers markets) and act as gatherers and distributors of locally-produced packaged products. 

Ultimately, the Heritage Food Truck Catering Company is about the enjoyment of good food. We may have a transformative ambition, but we live for the twinkle in our customers’ eye at the end of a great meal. See you at your next event.

Sample our Farm to Table food

We source our produce from local farms, change our menu with each season, and advocate for the economic development of local farms in New England. Our chef curates cuisines of the world, as an advocate for the ethnic diversity and culinary creativity of the population of the city of Malden where we are based.

We strive to invent and deliver food that is Delicious, Affordable, Nutritious, Creative, Ethnic and Sustainable

Our food is tasty, elegant, healthy, and will make your guests happy

Our Team

Chef Lorena

- Heritage Food Truck Catering company Malden MA Dr Gary

Health Expert Gary

COO Francis - Heritage Food Truck Catering company Malden MA

CEO Francis

Top tips to cater a private event

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