Catering your event – Start from individual dishes

You may prefer to build your menu by starting from individual items, which gives you the freedom to go “non traditional”. For example, we see an emerging trend toward tapas (broadly defined), where our clients no longer think of a meal as being entrée-centric, but where a meal is visualized as a lot of appetizers and desserts offered as a smorgasbord.

The list below will give you ideas of the type of individual items we can propose, as well as their cost, so you can start building your own “menu”.

Beyond the individual items, you will need to tell us which type of service you expect so we can calculate an overall estimate for you. The service style, the potential use of a kitchen at the venue, and the staff needed for your event will influence the price.
For example:

  • Are we serving the food off our truck? In this option, guests line up and take a turn at the window, but this is the easiest effort on our part. This might be great for a graduation party, for example, but may feel too informal for a weeding depending on your goals.
  • Do you prefer we lay out the food buffet-style so your guests can see what will be serve? We can serve in front of our truck or at your venue. In this option, guests line up and are served as their turn comes along, but they can physically see what the meal is about.
  • Do you prefer what we call a family style service, where tables of 8 to 10 share a large plate set up for the table? In this option, guests seat comfortably waiting for the meal, but usually someone at the table will organize the serving “process”.
  • Or do you want “plated” service, where individual plates are served to each guest? This is the most “luxurious” option, where guests are served individually. This requires the most preparation and work on our part.

Please take into consideration that we have a food minimum of $1500 for an event.

Of course, we are here to help! Let us know by contacting us.


NameFlavorper portion (some are for multiple persons)
Bacon Wrapped JalapenoWestern, Latin$1.50 
BBQ Brisket SliderNative American, Texan$3.75 
BBQ Slider TrioNative American, Texan$3.75 
BBQ Jackfruit SliderNative American, Texan, Brazilian$3.75 
BBQ Pork SliderNative American, Texan$3.75 
Beet & Onion CrostiniWestern$1.25 
Berry & Brie PhylloFrench, Greek$2.00 
Buffalo Chicken PinwheelBistro American$1.50 
Caprese SkewersItalian$2.00 
Charred Beef CrostiniItalian, French$2.00 
Chicken Salad WontonChinese, American$3.00 
Chipotle Popcorn ChickenMexican, Taiwanese$3.00 
Cranberry MeatballAmerican, Italian$2.50 
Crudite PlatterGlobal$50.00 
Drunken Chicken SkewerMiddle East$3.00 
Goat Cheese TarteletteFrench$1.50 
Greek YogurtGreek$3.50 
Guacamole Wonton CupsMexican, Chinese$2.50 
Jalapeno Cornbread Muffinfusion$2.00 
Mac & Cheese BiteAmerican$2.50 
Mini Beef EmpanadaLatin$4.50 
Mini BLT BiteAmerican$2.00 
Mini Chicken EmpanadaLatin$4.00 
Mini Chicken TacoMexican$1.75 
Mini Chorizo EmpanadaLatin$4.50 
Mini Chorizo TacoLatin$1.50 
Mini Croque MonsieurFrench$2.00 
Mini Ham Biscuitfusion$2.00 
Mini Shrimp TacosLatin$4.50 
Mini Sweet Potato EmpanadasLatin$4.00 
Pizza TwistsItalian$2.50 
Pork Egg RollChinese$2.50 
Prosciutto Wrapped ShrimpItalian$3.25 
Pumpernickel Mozzarella BocconciniGerman, Italian$1.25 
Rainbow Thai FlatbreadThai$2.50 
Ricotta Sage MeatballItalian$2.50 
Shrimp Salad WontonCalifornian, Chinese$3.00 
Smoked Salmon PhylloEastern Euroepan, English, Mediterranean$2.50 
Stuffed PeppadewSouth African, Mexican$1.25 
Sweet Potato PancakeAmerican$2.50 
Thai Chicken SkewerThai, Middle Eastern$2.50 
Vegetarian Thai Summer RollThai, Chinese$2.50 
Veggie Crudites & DipGlobal$35.00 
Veggie Crudité PlatterGlobal$35.00 
Wild Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Shepherd’s PiePeruvian$25.00 

Main dishes

Apricot Quinoa SaladPeruvian, Bolivian$3.75 
Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese SaladWestern, French$3.25 
Roasted Cauliflower & Aged White Cheddar SoupWestern sophisticate$3.25 
A La Brasa Style Roast ChickenPeruvian, Korean$5.00 
Apple, Pomegranate, Quinoa and Kale Salad with Feta and Curried Maple Dijon DressingMediterranean, Latin$3.50 
Argentina EmpanadaArgentinian$4.50 
Asian Chicken Buddha BowlAsian$6.00 
Asparagus, Artichoke, Pesto and Goat Cheese Quiche with Quinoa CrustFrench, Italian, Latin$20.00 
Bacalau (Portuguese Salt Cod)Portuguese$4.75 
Bacalau com Nata (Portuguese Salt Cod with Cream)Portuguese$4.75 
Bagel PlatterJewish American$20.00 
Balsamic Honey & Mustard Pork TenderloinAmerican$4.75 
Beef ChorillanaChilean$6.00 
Beef Classico Empanadabrazilianlatin$4.50 
Beef Croquettes (Quibe)Middle Eastern, Brazilian$0.00 
Beef Fajita Bowl – Pop UpTex-Mex$7.50 
Beef Guisado BowlLatin$6.00 
Beef Slider MealAmerican$25.00 
Beef Stir Fry BowlChinese$6.00 
Beer Braised BeefAmerican$3.75 
Biscuit SandwichesAmerican breakfast$3.75 
Black Eyed Peas SaladSouthern US$3.50 
Brazilian Beef Skewers ChimichurriBrazilian$6.00 
Brie TartFrench$3.75 
Buffalo Chicken WrapAmerican$7.50 
Burrito ChipotleMexican$7.50 
Burrito FajitasMexican$7.50 
Burrito FavoriteMexican$7.50 


Alfajor EmpanadaBrazilian Latin$2.50 
Banatella EmpanadaBrazilian Latin$4.00 
BrazilIan Pineapple PaveBrazilian$2.00 
Cheesecake BitesAmerican$50.00 
Dark Rice PuddingChina, India, global$2.00 
Flan by the PieEuropean, French$20.00 
Guava & Cheese EmpanadaBrazilian Latin$4.00 
Lemon-Cranberry Pie BarsAmerican$20.00 
Mini Chocolate Crème BrûléeFrench$3.50 
Mini ChurrosSpain, Portugal$60.00 
Mini Key Lime Pie BitesSoutheast Asia, Florida$2.00 
Mini Pies & TartelettesFrench$50.00 
Moscato Peach Cake EmpanadaBrazilian Latin$4.00 
Passion Fruit MousseBrazilian Latin$2.50 
Pears with Marsala EmpanadaBrazilian Latin$4.00 
Pecan Pie BarsSouthern US$20.00 
Port-Infused Meringue PuddingPeruvian$0.00 
Pumpkin Pie BarsCanadian, American, British$20.00 
Raspberry Cheesecake BitesAmerican$2.00 
Salted Butterscotch Crème BrûléeFrench$18.00 
Strawberry Shortcake ShooterEnglish, American$3.00 
Vegan PastriesGlobal$2.00 
White Chocolate Mousse CupsFrench$3.00 
Hot Tea$12.00