Supporting local farms to promote local produce

One goal of Heritage Food Truck Catering is to promote local produce and local farmers. 

We work with farmers in three ways:

1. We utilize local farm produce in the farm-to-table meals that the Heritage Food Truck Catering company prepares.

Whether sold through our corporate food broker partners such as Hungry, or through our own events, our meals are seasonal and designed to promote local produce from Massachusetts and New England farms. 

2. We organize and run food truck events at farms.

The Heritage food truck is an excellent fit with farm-based events, whether organized by the farm itself (CSA meetings, seasonal events such as peach and strawberry festivals, or corn and tomato festivals) or by companies for farm-based offsites or parties. Heritage, in addition to providing the food truck and the food staff for the event, can bring together farms that wish to host corporate or individual events, and companies that wish to host their personnel at Massachusetts farms.

3. Heritage develops, produces, tests and markets selected products or meals developed by local farms.

Heritage is constantly integrating new products developed by local farms into its own products and meals. Many farmers have developed interesting recipes for items such as soups, sauces, mashed or pickled vegetables, bowls, salads, cheeses, marinated meats, fruit plates or smoothies, but lack the ability to promote or sell those products beyond their farm stand or the farmers markets they participate in. The Heritage truck has the means to promote those products beyond the original perimeter of sales of the farm and through our sister company Stock Pot Malden, we can help scale the production of the recipe. 

If you have such a product, please contact us using the form below.